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Boat Ramp Etiquette


Using boat ramps at busy times can be a stressful experience, being organised and ready to put in on arrival at the ramp will help speed up the flow of traffic and avoid unnecessary congestion.

Before you leave home please ensure you have prepared your boat for the lake:

  • Purchase your InPark  ramp pass

  • Check the battery is charged and the steering works as it should (ideally the night before)

  • Check you have the bung in place, fuel connected, keys in the ignition

  • Have safety equipment on board, life jackets and at least one means of communication

  • Have all personal items on board, food, drink, clothing, water sport equipment etc.

On arrival at the Kinloch Marina, please ensure you:

  • Have your boat prepared ready for launching before you join the queue to avoid holding up others, tie-downs removed, outboard tow flag removed, etc.

  • When ready to reverse down the ramp, have a person walking beside the vehicle holding the painter (bow line) ready to release the boat from the trailer.

  • Slowly back down the ramp avoiding using both lanes of the two lane boat ramps, there are 6 lanes in total.  Undo the safety chain and release the cable.

  • Move the boat to the jetty or wharf. If necessary, walk the boat around the wharf to clear the ramps or motor clear of the jetty to clear the ramp area.

  • The driver then parks the vehicle and trailer in the Kinloch Domain trailer park and returns to the boat, ready to go.


Taking your boat out of the marina at busy times also requires preparation and patience.

On arrival back at the marina please ensure you:

  • Approach the wharf and if possible drop-off a person to retrieve the vehicle and trailer. Join the queue at the wharf or back the boat off and wait for your trailer to be positioned on the ramp. 
  • Run the cable down the trailer before approaching the ramp so its quick and easy to hook the boat up.
  • Once the boat is secured on the trailer with the safety chain in place, drive away from the ramp to prepare for departure.

Please follow these simple procedures as a courtesy to other marina users to help speed up launching and retrieving and ensure a smooth stress free traffic flow at the ramps.


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