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Kinloch Marina Rules

The authority to enforce these rules is vested in the Marina Manager

  • Ramp passes are to be purchased before launching.
  • Ramp passes are per not transferrable.
  • Annual ramp passes are to be fixed to the port side screen.
  • Power loading vessels onto trailers (propelling) is not permitted as this causes erosion at the end of the concrete ramps.
  • Living or overnighting on vessels within the marina is strictly prohibited except with the express prior permission of the Marina Manager. Permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  • No behaviour that is deemed to be a nuisance is permitted at any time. The Marina Manager in his/her sole discretion shall determine what constitutes a nuisance.
  • Berths are not to be used without the permission of the berth holder or Marina Manager.
  • No boat shall be left unattended whilst berthed at the main wharf or ramp area unless with the express permission of the Marina Manager.
  • No boat shall berth at the main wharf for a period longer than 5 minutes unless with the express permission of the Marina Manager.
  • All boats are to be moved from the ramp area immediately after launching.
  • Whilst in the marina boats are only to be refuelled from the approved fuel dispensers at the main wharf. Decanting of fuel is strictly prohibited anywhere within the marina complex.
  • The speed limit within the Marina is 2 knots. Boats entering the Marina have right of way.
  • All boats must keep to the right when entering or leaving the Marina.

The KML Board and Management appreciate your cooperation and wish you a safe and enjoyable experience on our Great Lake – Taupo Moana

Marina Information

  • Insurance:
    IMPORTANT All vessels in Marina berths are required to have $5,000,000 of third party liability insurance. Please supply a copy of your current insurance details if occupying a berth.  This applies equally to owners and short or long term renters.
  • Health and Safety:
    No welding, grinding, sand/water blasting or spray painting is allowed on the berths within the Marina. When employing a contractor to work on your vessel it is the boat owner's responsibility to ensure that they are dealing with a certified tradesman and that the boat and contractor are insured.
  • Contractors:
    All contractors are required to report to the Marina Office to sign on in the visitors book.

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